1. Register and Sign up

Click on the Sign Up button and complete the form to create your account. Once completed, you will be able to access BP Art Exchange using your email address and chosen password.

User Name/Nickname
Please create a name that can help other members to find you. If you are a teacher or an art professional, name of the of School or Art Organisation you work for is a good basis for the User Name/Nickname.

Edit your Profile and upload your Profile image
When filling in the Profile Questions, please fill in all the relevant information, scroll down and save. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your registration has been approved, please note this may take 1 working day.

To edit your profile Log in, click on My Profile and Edit Profile to fill in the details. Click on Choose Photo to upload an image as your profile picture. Scroll down and Update.

Please provide a very brief introductory summary about who you are and what you do. If you are an artist, you are welcome to copy paste relevant sections from your artist statement or biography. If you are a Gallery please provide a brief paragraph about your focus and activities. If you are a teacher please provide info about your professional interest and the institution you work at.

School Age group
Please fill in the age group of students participating in the project. If this is not relevant please select Not Applicable.

Privacy Settings
In My Profile, click on the Privacy Setting to edit your privacy and notification settings. Click Update in each section.

Edit Location
Click on the Edit Location tab and enter the City (do not enter further details such as street or post code). Click Search Map and Update. The map with your location will be displayed in your profile.

Edit Account
Edit your account details if you would like to change your email address or password.
If you wish to cancel your account please select the Cancel Account button below. Please note that this cannot be undone.

2. Messages and Notifications

If you receive any messages, requests or notifications, they will appear in your Inbox on the left hand side menu.

To send a message to a member of the Art Exchange community, go to the Members tab, select the member and click send message on the right hand side menu.

3. Members

Click on the Members tab and you can browse the members and view their profile. In the Advanced Search tab you can search for a specific members by their username, location, role (Teacher, Artist, Gallery) or age of students involved in the project. You can also invite your colleagues and friends to become members of the Art Exchange community.

Searching for other members
To find a specific member, go to Members and either browse members or click on Advanced Search. Here you can search users by location, role (Artist, Gallery, Teacher), by name of school or organisation, age group of participants, or working language.   

4. Groups

Groups exist to encourage you to interact with other members of the community who share similar interests through discussion boards operate in three ways:

  • You can start your own group to pursue artistic interests and pursuits and make this known to other members of the community so they can join, share discuss and debate your own and other people’s artwork through an online dialogue and exchange.

  • Join a pre-existing group set up by Tate where you can share your response to the existing activities found in the resource section.

  • Join an existing group set up by another member of the Art Exchange community that matches your own interests. 

Create a Group
In the Group Menu, click on Create button in the left hand side corner. Browse your computer to upload an image as the Group’s avatar.  Scroll Down and Edit the Group Profile, providing relevant details about the group, tag the group and write a brief description about its focus and aim. Set the permission in such way that the group is public and so that its members can upload content to encourage collaboration. In order to save, click the Create Group button.

You can message all the members of your group and invite your contacts, if you created the group.

Start Collaborating
Our online resources are designed to help schools to introduce themselves to each other and start an ongoing exchange and dialogue. Our resources are informed by research with teachers and produced by artists in collaboration with Tate learning to inspire schools to create and upload work to share with the Art Exchange community.

Schools can share, compare and respond to each others’ artwork on the website.
The resources are downloadable from the Resource section on the website.  

Upload Images to Groups

To upload images to a group you will need to become a member of the Group first. Select the Group you would like to add images to. Click on the blue Upload Picture button, click on choose file, browse your computer to select the image, click on open and then hit the blue Upload button. To add another image, click on Back to Profile and repeat the process. 

5. Blogs

Click on Blogs tab and Create Blog. Give your blog a title. In the body section, click on the Add Image icon. In the pop up window click on the Upload an Image option. Choose an image, click Upload and then Insert. Write your blog below the image. In the Tag field enter topics or terms related to your blog, e.g, Photography, History, Painting, Tate workshop etc. Please tick Yes for ‘Can other members comment on your blog’ and Yes for ‘Submit to Public Magazine’. Submit. Please allow other members to comment on your blog and submit the blog to the Public Magazine in the category of Announcements. Commenting is a great way to start making connections and gain feedback.

6. Upload images, video, or audio

Now the only way to add an image, video or audio files to the blog is to upload the files elsewhere and then insert it using the URL - you can upload a photo to any third party hosting site such as http://tinypic.com/ for images, videos to Vimeo or YouTube. Once you have uploaded it onto a third party server, please click the ‘Insert’ button from within the ‘Create Blog’ section. Please then paste the URL into the ‘Source’ section, completing the ‘Description’ section as well. Dimensions can be left empty as this can be modified manually from within the text window. When embedding from YouTube or elsewhere, there is no size limit to files.

7. Upload image, video or audio into a group

Once you have selected a group within which you would like to upload an image, video or audio file, there are two ways to do so. Firstly for images, please click the ‘Upload Picture’ button and select ‘Browse’ on the next page. In the pop up window, select an image from your computer and press ‘Open’. Please make sure your file size is no larger than 5MB.